All MachineTools by Damatomacchine

Through this web page you can access the product data sheets of all machine tools for wood and metals complete with accessories and spare parts

Power Feeders

Power Feeders to be mounted on combination machines, planers for wood and spindle moulders: they automatically drag the piece of wood to be processed avoiding to do it manually

Spindle Moulders

Machine tools suitable for milling wood: The wide range of milling machines allow countless processes and choices of cutters, knives and milling cutter heads. Available in single and three-phase versions

Sharpening machines

Sharpening machines for blades of woodworking machines

Band Saws

Band saws for cutting wood of various types and sizes, equipped with cast iron and aluminum flywheels according to the required power and dimensions. Available in single-phase and three-phase versions

Second Hand Woodworking Machines

The used woodworking machines sold by Damatomacchine are carefully selected. Before putting a machine for sale our staff tests the machine by replacing all damaged or not fully functional parts. The second hand machines sold on this site are guaranteed and perfect