All MachineTools by Damatomacchine

Through this web page you can access the product data sheets of all machine tools for wood and metals complete with accessories and spare parts

Band Saws

Band saws for cutting wood of various types and sizes, equipped with cast iron and aluminum flywheels according to the required power and dimensions. Available in single-phase and three-phase versions

Surface & Thickness Planers

Machine tools suitable for planing wood thickness and thickness. Wide assortment: from planes suitable for DIY and Hobby to professional planes for carpenters and craftsmen

Woodworking Lathes

benchtop Wood Lathes

Sanding machines

Wide choice of bench sanders dedicated to professionals and hobbyists. Machine tools suitable for sanding all types of wood using abrasive belts, discs and rollers

Dust Collectors

Woodworking Dust Extractor

Spare parts & Accessory

Spare parts & accessory for woodworking machines

Metalworking Milling Machines

Bench-top milling machines for working iron and metals equipped with single-phase and three-phase motors, with and without milling automation