TSI Super 2300 Sliding Table Saw by Damatomacchine

Squaring machine consisting of squaring carriage and 2000 mm long aluminium wagon with a stroke of up to 2300 mm, Circular saw Ø 315 mm allowing a maximum cut in length of 2300 mm, Scorer, squaring carriage on flush-blade wagon, Vertical milling machine/spindle moulder with three speeds; powered by 2 independent 2200 W motors. Mounts SKF type bearings

COD: DMCI3012 - EAN: 8056095441374

Sliding table saw by Damatomacchine


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The TSI 2300 Squaring Machine is a machine-tool equipped with a large aluminum wagon placed flush with the blade, a vertical Toupie with a 30 mm shaft and a 90 mm diameter engraver placed in front of the circular blade having a diameter of 315 mm. The machine has 2 independent motors with Hp3 power (2200 W). It is sold in the original version with single-phase motor but optionally, with a small price change, it can be requested in a three-phase version. In the 2300 version, the aluminum wagon is 315 mm wide and 2000 mm long allowing squaring of 2300 mm. The saw unit can be tilted and thanks to the engraver it is possible to square boards of any type of wood without splintering the various panels. The spindle moulder has 3 different speeds, and an independent motor with 3 horses. This machine is a professional combination, usable either alone for the above workings, or in combination with another combined FSC (Thick wire and mortiser). It is designed to meet the needs of true woodworking professionals.

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Sliding table saw by DamatomacchineSliding table saw by DamatomacchineSliding table saw by DamatomacchineSliding table saw by DamatomacchineSliding table saw by DamatomacchineSliding table saw by DamatomacchineSliding table saw by DamatomacchineSliding table saw by Damatomacchine

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Technical data
Dimensions with trolley on wagon and mortiser 2300*2000 mm
Without trolley and mortiser (with wagon mounted) 1162 x 2130 mm
Machine net weight 350 Kg
Saw diameter 315 mm - Z 48
Engraver diameter 90 mm
Type Adjustable in height and inclinable up to 45 °
Blade speed 5200 rpm
Maximum height cut 100 mm
Dimensions of the wagon 850 x 630 mm
Cart type On aluminum wagon placed on the edge of the circular blade
Aluminum wagon size 2000 x 310 mm
Trolley ride-squaring capacity 2300 mm
Type Vertical
Maximum height of the tree 115 mm
Diameter of the tree 30 mm
Maximum cutter diameter mountable 220 mm
Rotation speed 1750 - 3500 - 6700 rpm
Rotation speed 5500 rpm
Tip attachment diameter 16 mm
Power 3 Hp
Type Single-phase 220 V (Optional three-phase)
Power 3 Hp
Type Single-phase 220 V (Optional three-phase)

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