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Combination Discovery Wagon

Woodworking combination machine 7 function 
model Discovery Wagon powered by Damatomacchine

Woodworking machine 7 function with saw blade diameter of 250 mm, sliding carriage stroke of 1600 mm, vertical spindle moulder, joner/planer wide 260 mm, powered from two motors: one for the spindle moulder and one for the saw and joner/planer

(Cod: DMCI800)

  • 3.250,00 €  
    2.950,00 € ( TTC )

Combination Machine Cosmos Standard

Woodworking combination machine 6 function model Cosmos Standard by Damatomacchine

6-function combination woodworking machine consisting of Circular saw Ø 200 mm, Squaring carriage with a maximum stroke of 500 mm , Milling machine/Toupie, 154 mm wide wire/thickness planer with 2 knives, Quarrying machine, powered by a 1,100 W single-phase motor

(Cod: DMCI012)

  • 1.290,00 €  
    1.090,00 € ( TTC )

Disco 5 combination machine

Combination machine 5 operation Disco 5 model powered by Damatomacchine

5-process combination woodworking machine, with height-adjustable Ø 250 mm circular saw, squaring trolley with flag stand, Quarrying machine, 260 mm wide wire/thickness planer, tilting cast iron tables and a 2 horsepower single-phase motor

(Cod: DMCI503)

  • 2.190,00 €  
    1.990,00 € ( TTC )

Surface Thickness Planer Mitica FSC 260 Powercut

Thicknessers Planer  FSC 260 model by Damatomacchine

Surface and thickness planer for wood with folding cast iron surfaces, maximum planing height of 240 mm, 260 mm long planer shaft with 44 knives divided into 4spirals. It has an integrated mortiser and is powered by a 2.2 kW single-phase motor - It features SKF type bearings

(Cod: DMCI302S)

  • 1.890,00 €  
    1.590,00 € ( TTC )

Benchtop Sander BDS9

Sanding machine for wood with abrasive belt and disk powered by a single-phase motor 1 CV

Small benchtop sander equipped with disc and sanding belt powered by an electric single-phase motor 550w complete with suction openings on both sides

(Cod: DMLE004)

  • 449,00 €  
    349,00 € ( TTC )

Sanding Machine Star 100

Horizzontal & Vertical sanding machine with abrasive belt

Sanding machine with cast iron tables, abrasive roller and automatic mechanism of self-oscillation of balanced pulleys: The belt can be tilted in any angle

(Cod: DMLE002)

  • 1.299,00 €  
    899,00 € ( TTC )

Bench Lathes Beta MC 1200

Woodworking Lathe Model MC 1200 by Damatomacchine

Bench lathe with eletronic control for variable speed, distance between centers of 1200 mm and single-phase motor 1500W

(Cod: DMTO010)

  • 2.450,00 €  
    1.990,00 € ( TTC )

Spindle moulder Open Hobby

Woodworking spindle moulder

Woodworking machine with AC motors from 2 hp, Spindler stroke 80 mm and three different milling speed selectable

(Cod: DMTP003)

  • 1.330,00 €  
    1.090,00 € ( TTC )

Metal lathe with milling machine Newton 25L3

Metal lathe with milling machine Newton 25L3 model by Damatomacchine

Bench Lathe with milling machine integrated with an indipendent motor, distance between centers of 700 mm, swing over bed of 250 mm, rotating milling head and cross slide-table automatic performing metric and inch threads Equipped with a single-phase motor 750 W for the lathe and a single-phase motor 550 W for the milling machine - Bearings SKF

(Cod: DMTFF06)

  • 3.290,00 €  
    2.990,00 € ( TTC )

Multitech 800 Universal Bench Lathe

Metalworking Semi-professional Bench lathe Multitech 800 by Damatomacchine

Metal lathe with distance between the centers of 800 mm, max swing over bed 320 mm , water cooling pump and single-phase motor of 1500 W (on request is available the three-phase version model) - Bearings SKF

(Cod: DMTO009)

  • 3.690,00 €  
    3.490,00 € ( TTC )

Metal cutting bandsaw GEO 4023

Band saw for metals with a vertical cutting capacity of 260 mm

Band saw for metals with a vertical cutting capacity of 260 mm in square section and 220 mm in round section. Powered by single-phase or three-phase motor

(Cod: DMSM002)

  • 2.590,00 €  
    2.390,00 € ( TTC )

Sharpening machine Meta 2

Sharpening machine for mortising bits and saw Blades

Sharpening machine for mortising bits and saw Blades

(Cod: DMAF002)

  • 390,00 €  
    290,00 € ( TTC )

Metal cutting bandsaw GEO 4014

Metal cutting bandsaw GEO 4014 by Damatomacchine

Band saw with maximum cutting capacity of 150 mm round and square section, swivel head, refrigeration system, base with tool compartment and 550 W single-phase motor

(Cod: DMSM004)

  • 1.390,00 €  
    990,00 € ( TTC )

Lathe Milling Drilling machine combo Evolution 800

Combined Lathe-milling machine for working metals on the Evolution 800 model

Metalworking combo machine with distance from the centers lathe of 750 mm, swing over bed of 300 mm, milling head rotating and adjustable height, automatic cross slide-table performing metric and inch threads and two single-phase motor 750 W (one for the lathe and one for the milling machine) - Bearings SKF

(Cod: DMTFF19)

  • 3.620,00 €  
    3.290,00 € ( TTC )

TSI Profistar 2600 Sliding Panel Table Saw

Sliding Panel Table Saw Profistar 2600 Machine

Professional squaring machine for wood powered by 2 independent motors capable of squaring 2800 mm in a single pass, equipped with blade wire wagon 2600 mm long, 315 mm diameter tilting blade, engraver, and spindle moulder tilting from 0 to 45 degrees, with 30 mm cutter shaft.

(Cod: DMCITS26P)

  • 5.690,00 €  
    5.190,00 € ( TTC )

Metal Milling Machine Elektra 2.5

Metalworking Milling Machine Orion 2.5

Semi-professional milling machine with cross table of 520 x 160 mm, base with room for tools, motor 1 HP (also optionally available in three-phase version),Equipped with magnetic Dro and longitudinal cross table motorization

(Cod: DMFR010S)

  • 3.190,00 €  
    2.990,00 € ( TTC )

Combination Machine America 1600-310 Powercut

Woodworking Combination Machine America 1600-310

7-working combined machine for wood with cast iron tables, circular saw Ø 315 mm adjustable in height and inclinable by 45°, squaring carriage placed on aluminium carriage, vertical routing/touping machine, caving machine, surface and thickness planer 310 mm wide equipped with powercut helical shaft with 52 knives. The machine is powered by 3 independent motors with 3 hp each and has SKF bearings. (optionally available 3-phase version)

(Cod: DMCI001S)

  • 6.030,00 €  
    5.690,00 € ( TTC )

Newton 20 Plus 2 Lathe

Metalworking Bench Lathe Newton 20 plus 2  by Damatomacchine

Metalworking lathe with 560 mm centre-to-centre distance, maximum turning diameter of 220 mm, maximum through-bar diameter of 20 mm and single-phase 1.1 kw 230 V motor - Fitted with SKF type bearings, maximum 12 mm tools can be mounted

(Cod: DMTO002P2)

  • 2.290,00 €  
    1.990,00 € ( TTC )

America FSC 310 Powercut Surface Thickness Planer

America FSC 310 Powercut Woodworking Surface Thickness Planer

Woodworking surface and thickness planer equipped with a 310 mm long shaft with 4 spirals of 13 knives each, maximum thickness planing height of 240 mm, folding cast iron tables, integrated mortiser, powered by a 3 Hp single-phase motor (available on request the three-phase version).
It mounts SKF type bearings

(Cod: DMCI303S)

  • 2.890,00 €  
    2.590,00 € ( TTC )