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The Real Feedback and Reviews issued by customers on Damatomacchine machine tools and Not the fake comments created from the competitors on the various Forums. More than 290 people have left their positive feedback on Trustpilot

The customer reviews on Damatomacchine

Some of our customers have told us that some competitors have studied the technique of registering with fake accounts on some industry forums to discredit our brand and our machine tools.
These competitors have had the brilliant idea of creating fake profiles to pretend to be false owners of our machine tools and to write that they are not comfortable, that they have problems, etc.

The reality is very different: Our competitors can't compete with us because we produce our machines directly abroad, while they only sell a product that is always made abroad but by other companies.
Therefore, our competitors, having to buy the products they resell from third parties, are forced to have prices almost double compared to ours and therefore they have found this incorrect technique to discredit us unfairly.

To realize this mechanism it's sufficient to read the feedback of our real customers. Those that are constantly left on our Facebook page, on our Trustpilot or serching on Google Maps Dm Italia srl - Damatomacchine

Clearly these channels, being used by millions of pesrsone, are difficult to manipulate and although even here they create false users to give negative reviews, the truth shines through the numbers!
But then to think about it, why would a dissatisfied customer ask for help on forums?
We always apply the "satisfied or refunded" formula. We always allow the right of withdrawal to be exercised in case of non-satisfaction.


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The reviews that damatomacchine customers have left on Trustpilot

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