Professional Bech Lathe Titanius 1500 by Damatomacchine

Bench lathe with distance between the center of 59 inch (1000 mm), swind over bed 16 inch (410 mm), swing over cross slide 10 inch (255 mm) height of center 8 inch(205 mm), water cooling pump, three-phase motor 3.3/2.2 KW

COD: DMTO007 - EAN: 8056095440193

Professional Bech Lathe Titanius 1500 by Damatomacchine


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It is the maximum of professionalism, very robust and extremely precise, it can be used in the various mechanical workshops both for threading and for reproducing extremely precise metal elements. Being equipped with an automatic norton box, it allows you to quickly select the desired thread using the knobs on the front side. Clearly it is also equipped with a white water cooling pump and a lamp for direct lighting. Having automatic advancement in all directions as well as threading allows countless processes. It is supplied in standard configuration with a self-centering chuck with three clamps (three internal and three external), two tailstocks with conical connection, the feed carriage, 2 lunettes, the cast iron base, and the service key kit.


Professional Bech Lathe Titanius 1500 by DamatomacchineProfessional Bech Lathe Titanius 1500 by DamatomacchineProfessional Bech Lathe Titanius 1500 by DamatomacchineProfessional Bech Lathe Titanius 1500 by DamatomacchineProfessional Bech Lathe Titanius 1500 by Damatomacchine

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Technical data
Dimensions with basement 2600 mm (length) x 750 mm (width) x 1900 mm (height)
Net weight of the machine 1475 kg


Distance between the points 1500 mm
Height of the tips 205 mm
Maximum diameter drillable on the bench 410 mm
Maximum drillable diameter on the notch 640 mm
Passage bar 52 mm
Floor width 300 mm
Cross travel 178 mm
Diameter of the tailstock 60 mm
Morse number of the tailstock 4                                      
Attack of the spindle D1-6                                      
Spindle rotation speed adjustments From 8 to 16
Types of metric threads From 0.1 to 14 mm
Spindle rotation speed from 12 to 2000 r.p.m.
Longitudinal Advancement 0.031 - 1.7 mm
Transversal advancement (cross plan) 0.014 - 0.784 mm / rev
Power Double winding of 2.2kW and 3.3kw
Type Three-phase

Accessories Available

Anti-vibration feet kit for lathes

Kit of 6 anti-vibration feet for metal lathes of the Multitech 1000 and Titanius series

(Cod: DMRI1717)

  • 181,00 € ( TTC )

Faceplate Ø 350 mm

(Cod: DMACTF183)

  • 195,00 € ( TTC )

Rotary tailstock lathe - Taper CM4

(Cod: DMACTF179)

  • 59,00 € ( TTC )

Live center chuck - Taper MT4

(Cod: DMACTF178)

  • 45,00 € ( TTC )

4 Jaw Independent Chuck

(Cod: DMACTF626)

  • 387,00 € ( TTC )