Metalworking Milling Machine Orion 2.0 by Damatomacchine

Hobby type milling machine with square column, guides dovetail, speed indicator, basement with room for tools and 850 Watt power

COD: DMFR008 - EAN: 8056095440094

Metalworking Milling Machine Orion 2.0


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This vertical milling machine for metals is equipped with tilting head and cast iron cross table with three-dimensional adjustments. The speed is electronically controlled and has the maximum precision through the digital display on the front panel. The motor that powers the machine is powerful a 850 Watt single phase motor. With a small price variation the machine can also be purchased in three-phase version.


Metalworking Milling Machine Orion 2.0Metalworking Milling Machine Orion 2.0Metalworking Milling Machine Orion 2.0

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Technical data
Machine dimensions H 173 x L 70 x P 48 cm
Wight 110 Kg
Longitudinal excursion of the cross table 142 x 2 mm
Cross excursion of the cross table 180 mm
Spindle quill travel 50 mm
Distance between column and spindle center 200 mm
Max working height with spindle 260 mm
Max working height without spindle 370 mm

Advancement scale longitudinal, transversal, Spindle quill travel

noni: 0.05mm
Spindle taper

Motor Single phase 750 W
Rotation speed - Position 1 from 50 to 1250 rpm
- Position 2 from 100 to 2500 rpm
Cross Table Size 500 x 180 mm - I= 63 mm

Vertical head descent scale

0,1 mm

Accessories Available

Live center chuck - Taper CM2

Live center chuck - Taper CM2

(Cod: DMACTF42)

  • 89,00 € ( TTC )

Tailstock chuck taper MT2

Tailstock chuck taper MT2

(Cod: DMACTF186)

  • 108,00 € ( TTC )

Milling chuck with 8 collets MT2 - (4-5-6-8-10-12-14-16 mm)

(Cod: DMACTF22)

  • 95,00 € ( TTC )

Face milling cutter with 3 blades - Taper MT2

(Cod: DMACTF21)

  • 102,00 € ( TTC )

End Mill Set 2 and 4 Flutes Cutting tool

End Mill Set 2 and 4 Flutes Cutting tool

The accessory is mountable ONLY and exclusively with the purchase and installation of the KIT 8 PLIERS CUTTER cod. DMACTF22 (MT2) or DMACTF17 (MT3) or DMACTF11 (MT4) depending on the model chosen machine

(Cod: DMACTF102)

  • 269,00 € ( TTC )

Vise with fixed jaw 100 mm

Vice for milling machine inclinable horizontally and fixed vertically

(Cod: DMACTF55)

  • 181,00 € ( TTC )

Precision vise accu-lock 100 mm

(Cod: DMACTF58)

  • 150,00 € ( TTC )