Used woodworking Discovery Wagon by Damatomacchine

Used woodworking combination machines since 2011:260 mm thickness wire planer, diameter of circular saw blade of 250 mm cast iron shelves, two independent motors and squared undercarriage on 1600 mm long wagon

COD: US-ST1365


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It is an extremely precise and reliable combination that allows you to carry out a multitude of independent processes ranging from squaring, planing (flush and thickness), to using the spindle moulder and the mortising machine. The planer has a 260 mm long tree with three knives and completely tiltable cast iron tops. The spindle moulder instead is placed in a vertical position and is equipped with a totally independent motor. The saw unit, being equipped with an aluminum car positioned flush with the circular blade, makes it possible to square with extreme precision every type of wood. The machine is supplied as standard with 2 single-phase motors.


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