Sanding Machine Star 100 by Damatomacchine

Sanding machine with cast iron tables, abrasive roller and automatic mechanism of self-oscillation of balanced pulleys: The belt can be tilted in any angle

COD: DMLE002 - EAN: 8056095440568

Horizzontal & Vertical sanding machine with abrasive belt


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Thanks to its 3D, it can lap in an easy way faces, rims, edges, heads, both straight and inclined, concave and convex, made of wood, iron, aluminium, plastic, etc. Thanks to the automatic self-swinging mechanism, the paper bands last for a long period of time without pasting itself and allowing in this way very high finishing accuracies and big satisfactions. The whole band is inclinable at the desired angle, as well as the goniometer, and it works on balanced pulleys. The working plane is made of cast-iron and is easily adjustable in the height by means of a spring; the guide-way is revolving. It is equipped with band and relevant tensioning device; it includes a bed with a double-shutter hollow to keep tools, object, and so on. It is very silent and is in conformity with “CE” Safety Rules


Horizzontal & Vertical sanding machine with abrasive beltHorizzontal & Vertical sanding machine with abrasive beltHorizzontal & Vertical sanding machine with abrasive belt

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Technical data
Overall dimensions 1440 mm ( length ) x 700mm ( width ) x 1030 mm ( height )
Net weight machine 110 Kg
Length Belt 2520 mm
Maximum workable length on the floor 1000 mm
Belt speed 900 m/min
Width Belt 150 mm
Plan Dimention 850 x 300 mm
Diameter suction nozzle 100 mm
Power 220 W
Type Single-phase (2HP-1500W)

Accessories Available for Sanding Machine Star 100

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(Cod: DMAC050)

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Sanding belt 80

Sanding belt 80g for sanding Star 100

(Cod: DMAC051)

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Sanding belt 100

Sanding belt 100g for sanding Star 100

(Cod: DMAC053)

  • 31,00 € ( VAT included )

Sanding belt 120

Sanding belt 120g for sanding Star 100

(Cod: DMAC054)

  • 31,00 € ( VAT included )

Sanding belt 150

Sanding belt 150g for sanding Star 100

(Cod: DMAC036)

  • 31,00 € ( VAT included )

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