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Machine-tools for professional craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts: Available many versions and models of Universal Lathes, Woodworking Combination Machines and many other machine tools: both New and Second Hand
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Machine tools suitable for the woodworking activity. Available various model with different sizes and prices for carpenters and lovers of DIY



Machine tools working all types of metals. Available machines of various sizes, powers and prices to meet the needs of mechanical workshops and those of lovers of DIY


Mini Lathe Edison 400

Mini metalworking Lathe Edison 400 model by Damatomacchine

Metal Lathe with electronic speed control, distance between centers of 400 mm, maximum turning diameter of 180 mm, steel gears, single-phase 600W motor and digital display movement on two axes

  • List Price: 1.795,00 €
    PROMO:  1.290,00 € (VAT included)

Voyager Super Combination Machine

Woodworking Combination Machine Voyager Super

7-Function woodworking machine with 3 independent motors, 1500 mm of squaring capacity, 250 mm of planer shaft length, integrated spindle moulder using max 140 mm cutting diameter, mortising machine with rotation speed of 4750 rpm

  • List Price: 5.205,00 €
    PROMO:  4.290,00 € (VAT included)

Combination Machine Cosmos Elite

woodworking machine 6 function model Cosmos Standard powered by damatomacchine

Woodworking Combination machine with circular saw Ø 200 mm, squaring carriage with a maximum stroke of 500 mm, milling / Moulding with cutter head 50 mm, Planer / thickness from 154 mm wide with 2 knives, Mortiser, 1100 W single-phase motor

  • List Price: 1.682,00 €
    PROMO:  1.390,00 € (VAT included)

The most visited product categories

Combination Machines

Combination Machines

Woodworking Combination Machines

Multifunction machines suitable for the working wood activity. Available many models with various power and dimension intended for craftsmen and lovers of DIY


Metalworking bench lathes

Metalworking Bench Lathes

Professional and hobby bench lathes equipped with all the essential accessories

Sliding Table Saws

Sliding Table Saws

Woodworking Sliding Table Saw

Woodworking machine tools and wood squaring: Wide range of models for demanding hobbyists and professional carpenters

Milling Machines

Milling Machines

Metalworking Milling Machines

Bench-top milling machines for working iron and metals equipped with single-phase and three-phase motors, with and without milling automation

Band Saws

Saleing of band saws for wood

Woodworking Band Saw

Various types of models with different powers and sizes, suitable to meet the needs of small hobbyists and great craftsmen experienced in woodworking

Lathe-Milling-Drilling Machines

Torni fresatrici

Lathe-Milling-Drilling Machine Combo

Metalworking machine tools with multifunction of lathe milling and drilling machine: Available different models with different power and speed to suit both the hobby market and the professional craftsmen

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    an immediate 2% discount on the value of the machine


    a 5% discount on the value of the machine in accessories to be spent with the order in progress.

    The Genius promo also gives the opportunity to purchase accessory packages at a symbolic cost customized for each machine model.

The Promo is valid for the purchase of any model of machine tool for wood or metals whose cost is minimum € 1500 For more information go to the Promotion page.

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